What is the best dinosaur games ?


What is the best dinosaur games ?



Looking for the best dinosaur game ? Whether you're trying to trample humans by controlling a T-Rex or hunting giant reptiles, playing with dinosaurs has limitless appeal. The number of games that can satisfy your desires is not infinite. Until recently, fans of big guns and dinosaurs weren't really satisfied, even on the PC. 🦖

Over the years, the games have given many different roles to our Mesozoic friends. In the 80's there was Wonderboy, and later Mario, the most famous video game about dinosaurs. But what about the giants of Jurassic Park? Still, shooting down a monstrous T-Rex continues to attract a large part of the gaming public, and few major publishers dare to venture into the land of dinosaurs. Let's take a look at a selection of the best dinosaur games featuring these extinct reptiles !


Switch Dinosaur Games




The ideal dinosaur game for the youngest.

Give your little one the opportunity to explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and Gigantosaurus. Derived from the Disney story, this dinosaur game allows you to save the world and make great races at the same time! 🦕

At the end of one chapter, a rally opens the next story. Will you be the fastest or the one who roars the loudest?







dinosaur-game-jurassic-worldLego Jurassic World Switch
If you are looking for great cooperative dinosaur game, Lego is on the podium. 🏆

In its Jurassic World version, Warner Bros Games and Lego offer the best dinosaur video game for fun with family and friends. You can choose carnivorous dinosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs, of any size and type.
A must try!
True to the Jurassic Park franchise, Lego Jurassic World combines the gameplay of action-adventure game specialist TT Games with the scenarios of the Jurassic Park trilogy, as well as the first Jurassic World movie. It's essentially one of the biggest hits of the series, including more blocks and chatty Jeff Goldblum than you can handle.

The real fun here is that Lego games are among the best cooperative games available, making it a great dinosaur game to play with friends and family. There aren't many things that separate this Lego game from the others - apart from the frame - but you can play with a lot of different dinosaurs, which is a lot of fun.






Ark Survival Evolved Switch

The goal is to survive, as the name of the dinosaur game suggests. Starting with making your spear so you can kill some rather unsympathetic dinosaurs!

The many monsters and creatures to battle, hunting and friendship will take you through hundreds of hours of gameplay. 🎮 

As the subtitle in his name indicates, Ark belongs to the survival genre, which means that killing dinosaurs can only begin after you have made your own spear to launch these annoying raptors. The shot isn't the tightest and there are still a lot of bugs, but the wide range of creatures to fight, hunt and befriend in Ark will allow you to explore the game's many biomes for hundreds of hours.

After learning their quirks, you can even ride and tame Ark dinosaurs and use them to help you survive in the world, whether as simple mounts that allow you to move faster, or as resource collectors, cargo carriers and loyal foot soldiers. On top of that, there are also many Ark: Survival Evolved mods to choose from.




The Video Games Dinosaur PS4 and XBox One


Jurassic World Evolution
The majority of dinosaur games focus on reptile hunting.

In Jurassic World Evolution, the goal is to build a dinosaur park and make it survive over time.

This game will help you realize your dream by running your own theme park or by genetically mutating the most dangerous dinosaurs that have ever existed. 👨🔬


While most PC dinosaur games are about hunting dinosaurs, Frontier Developments has chosen to create the opposite with Jurassic World Evolution: dino breeding. Rather than mowing down rare creatures with a minigun, you try to build a Jurassic Park that doesn't collapse before its first day. You don't necessarily have to build the archetypal theme park - instead, you can build a science park or a disturbing "security center" patrolled by genetically enhanced mega-dinos.

It's not the deepest management simulation ever designed, but it does allow you to delve deeper into the fantasy of managing your own dinosaur park, to the point of letting you play with the DNA of the most dangerous creatures that have ever walked the planet. 




Video Games Dinosaur PC

The main references already discussed above can be found on PC. We add 3 extraordinary games that can be played on computer.


turok-game-dinosaurTurok 2

Seeds of Evil will satisfy fans of SPF and big guns. It is perfect for its highly creative weaponry, such as Cerebral Bore. 🧨

If your fantasy is to kill dinosaurs, this is probably the best game in this category.




isle-game-dinosaurThe Isle
Imagine a multiplayer simulation dinosaur video game in which your only goal is to survive?

In The Isle, you arrive on a server full of other players' dinosaurs. Make your alliances and attack as a pack. Or play solo, hoping not to be seen by your predators. Then expand your troop from nests. 🥚

The game is in early access on Steam.


 The Isle is a multiplayer dinosaur survival simulation that is still a long way from leaving Steam Early Access, but there's nothing else like it on PC. The gameplay is quite simple, you load into a server full of dinosaurs that are all played by other people, and try to survive in the world by attacking smaller dinosaurs and avoiding predators at all costs. However, the island becomes really interesting when players start to form packs and groups in a server, which leads to player-controlled herds, nests to grow your group and inevitably massive dinosaur battles.






dino-game-dinosaurDino D-Day
In Dino D-Day, you will find the well known FPS universe of World War II, with dinosaurs and a good dose of humor.

This dinosaur video game is extremely creative and you will be surprised by the abilities of each dinosaur. 🦖

Convince a few friends and have fun!
The best multiplayer dinosaur games with shooting elements can be pretty heavy and humorless affairs, especially when it comes to those who strive to be accurate. Dino D-Day is a refreshing alternative to the traditional shooting game of World War II, mixing the semi-tactical shooting game of Day of Defeat with the claws and ferocious claws that only dinosaurs can provide.

Although it sounds like a joke game in the vein of Blood and Bacon, it's actually a shooting game based on a surprisingly creative class with some really crazy ideas, like a tiny dino that increases the power of its explosive charge by slipping your ankles, or a raptor that can identify unique targets and eliminate them in a few shots, just like Left 4 Dead's Hunter.

Unfortunately, D-Day is almost ten years old and the number of players has decreased dramatically. However, if you can convince friends to sell it, it's a great palate cleanser.


Looking for a list of the best PC dinosaur games in 2020 ? Whether you're looking to hunt Mesozoic monsters or want to crush and bite humans while playing with them, the appeal of dinosaur games is endless. What is not endless, however, is the number of games that succeed in making this fantasy come true. Let's be honest: until recently, fans of dinosaurs and big guns hadn't exactly taken the primrose path, even on PC.

It has been a long and difficult road, marked by velociraptors that look like bumpy dogs, guns as satisfying as throwing a ball in your hand and jeeps that seem to roll magnetically into a nearby ditch, no matter which keys you press. Yet the undeniable appeal of blowing a T-Rex in the face with a grenade launcher continues to resonate with a large part of the gaming public, and while few triple-A developers have come up with quality dino games, there are some ambitious independent dinosaur games out there. games that fill the market void.

If you are looking for the thrill of dinosaurs, here are the best dinosaur games on the PC.


Turok and Turok 2


It may be hard to believe now, but before the Gears of War and Call of Duty 4 double feature tied the hit shooter to beige reality, the genre had its fair share of colorful suitors. The first Turok in particular is a relic from the Quake Era, filled with weapons spinning in the air, the frenetic speed of your dinosaur hunter, and endless canyons of bad guys to cross, but it offers some of the best dinosaur slaughter of its era.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a much more sophisticated game, focusing on non-linear mazes rather than the traditional corridor explorations of other shooters of the time. However, it is probably better known today for its creative weaponry, especially the fearsome Cerebral Bore, which performs exactly the bloody act it says on tin. All in all, these are not the best old games, but they are remembered fondly for a reason, and they let you destroy giant reptilians, so they are perfect for this list.

Monster Hunter



Of course, so they are not technically dinosaurs, but it is hard to deny that an Apceros or an Anjanath are based on real dinosaurs, even if some of the biggest beasts in the dinosaur game are not. In case you missed the series, Monster Hunter: World is pretty much what it says on the tin: you play a monster hunter, and you have a whole world teeming with fantastic creatures to identify, track and shoot down in cinematic boss battles. Once you've earned a kill, you can strip the carcass for resources, bring them back to your camp, and build stronger weapons and armor that will allow you to take on even bigger beasts.

In addition to the seductive power, Monster Hunter: World also features some of the best action RPG battles of the moment. There's a wide range of weapon types, from standard sword and shield combos to more eccentric tools like the gunlance, and learning each one's moves promises to be a steep difficulty curve. If you're willing to take the time - and we can help you out a little with our Monster Hunter: World gun guide - then this is probably the best dinosaur hunting dinosaur game, even though some of its dinosaurs have wings and spit fire.


Fracry : Primal 





Yes, for all the amateur archaeologists who are splitting their fingers to type a long commentary, we know that Primal takes place in the Mesolithic era, millions of years after the dinosaurs were wiped out by a cataclysmic event. However, if you're a dinosaur fan, woolly rhinos, mammoths and the amazing cave bears are the best thing to do, and Far Cry Primal has the lot.

Primal allows you to hunt all these creatures and tame some of them so you can send them charging into battle on your behalf. And if you're tired of all the mammal slaughter, this is still one of the best games in the open world, and there are plenty of distractions and hidden quests to discover along the way. It's not the best Far Cry, but it captures the feeling of prehistory better than most games.

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