Who we are ?

Who are we?

Hello and Welcome to DinosaurRockca™ !

We are a group of researchers in Archaeology, Biologist and Scientist in the field of Dinosaurs.

Five years ago we worked for the JurrasicWorld Company, which was forced to close down because of all the Dinosaurs that escaped to the island and awakened the volcano that had been dormant for thousands of years, destroying the entire island and our research on Jurrasicworld.

Currently we have reopened our new centre DinosaurRockca™ on an island off the coast of California, so that we can once again experience new experiences related to Dinosaurs.
Our researchers are currently developing a brand new range of "Dinosaur Scale Skins" to enable anyone to move around with Dinosaurs and experience them in their environment. Also the introduction of some everyday objects, such as rings, bracelets, bags, headphones, incense and many more, which will spread Dinosaur DNA and pheromone, allowing each one of you to be considered by the Dinosaurs as one of their own! This will alter your genetic particularities to match them like a Raptor, Brachiosaur or even a Tyrannosaur-Rex!

It's up to you to choose which giant you want to look like, anything is possible at DinosaurRockca™.

The whole team thanks you for the trust you have placed in us for our research.

J.Scott - Leader of the Experimentation Project ( Alpha Centre )